hi im goin to get alot of money soon and i wonder what guitar i should buy... i've played one and a half year now... i can play songs like master of puppets and battery... yes, im a huge metallica fan... the thing is i've always been thinking of buy a les paul standard... but i dont know now... i feel that the les paul is a bit more rock guitar then a metal guitar... i got a esp m-50 now and i LOVE it... maybe i sould buy a new esp guitar? i dunno... any1 know (or have) a guitar beetween 3345-4500 american dollars? one to play metal and fast awesome solos on?
I'd say get a JEM if you're going to spend that kind of coin, but I should really just recommend you go to the music store and play the guitars until you find one you like, regardless of price.
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I dont think you should be buying a guitar for that much if you only been playing for a year and a half.