The following is a work in progress. Just looking for some feedback while I continue to work on the song:

I've made a few realizations
Over the last few days
Realized I don't know where I'm headed
Don't know what path to take
There are so many different ways

I've realized my life is so messed up
I really don't know what to do
I don't have any talents, not even a few
I sit hear alone, not anything to do
Except to think and have some realizations
hear is something you do with your ears. here is the place you are right now.

that's really the only thing that stood out to me in this piece. the rest is bland and unoriginal. sorry to be harsh, but i'm just being honest. i've written pieces exactly like this before that were equally cliche and uninteresting. try representing the ideas you have in a new way. if you can't think of any new ways, try reading. expose yourself to different writing styles and techniques. it'll help you find new ways of representing your thoughts.
when birds flap their wings do the make believe they're really arms?