Hi everyone !!

I'm pretty new here, but i've already posted one tab.

Well, i've created a band in my university :
- drums
- keyboard
- guitar (me, french guitarist / violonist)

I'm looking for nice tabs by bands I may not know, and easy to play. The thing is that we're at first looking for songs that we can play together very quickly.
By the way I don't know how to play shred-like riffs yet ...

So if you have good ideas of bands I could find the tab (guitar pro ... cause I would need the score for the keyboards).... Symphonic metal, pagan black metal, symphonic black metal ... anyone will fit.

We'll probably play some Dimmu Borgir, by the way.

And notice that it's not a problem if there is more instruments in the GPro file, we'll mangage to modify it so that it'll fit our needs,

Thanking you by advance ..

Adrien AKA Valenten
You guys will fail without a bassist.
Quote by breakdown123
Is there such a thing as a heavy riff with out chugging on the e string?
We just can't actually have one ... nobody plays metal bass at the university -_-
But don't worry we'll do it