My Tele has some scuffs, and a pretty decent case of belt buckle rash on the back from the previous owner. Would using 3M Perfect It Rubbing Compound be harmful or can I do this without worrying about messing up the finish. Its not something incredibly bad but I'd like to get it smooth without using sandpaper.
I'm not familiar with that compound, but basically, if you start from a coarse polish, move to a medium, and then to an extremely fine grade, you should get a very nice result. However, you can't skip any of those steps, as coarse will leave it looking flat, medium would be mattish, and obviously you won't cut deep enough with only fine grade. You should look for a set of polishes that come in grades like that, or maybe even a kit of sorts.

Stew Mac's got some nice stuff.
My dad works with cars and I know he has some of this stuff for auto detailing, from what I know he uses it to buff out some minor scratches on the paintjob so I figured it could be used for a guitar finish.
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