So I've come to realize that theres a massive amount of scene kids nowadays.

for those who don't know what a scene kid is. Some people call them emos, even though they aren't much like old school emo kids (black rimmed glasses, tight jeans, sweater vests, thrift shirts, ear plugs, and converses/new balances). Basically, scene kids take a variety of stereotypes from various sbucultures (goth, punk, nerd, prep, indie, emo, otaku, hardcore, gangsta, peter pan syndrome, homosexual/metrosexual/bisexual, etc.) and form their own "scene" crowd out of this blend.

A lot of scenesters will wear tight jeans and slip-on vans, a large white studded belt (sometimes over a large black studded belt), a band shirt (black is a popular color) that fits snug but shirts can also feature favorite kiddy shoes or even be a blouse with a contrasting tie, dark eye makeup,

and they feather the hell out of their hair and dye it various colors (popular being black or platinum on black or blue on black, combinations of three-four, etc.). Medium to longer length hair is becoming more popular than the typical old school short emo hair. Sometimes, they'll wear red bandannas rolled up in their mass of hair. Piercings are alos very common.

They enjoy Pokemon and other children's shows like old school TMNT and Disney; cartoon network; dinosaurs and robots; bleeding hearts and skull designs; taking pictures of them looking up and over into space or looking down over to the ground or generally looking "sad" or "deep in thought", in fact, many scenesters think they're professional photographers;

post-hardcore bands (learn what that term means, botcher it, call it "screamo" instead even though that conflicts with a previously existing genre from the 80s/90s: because that's the scene term for post-hardcore); pop punk is okay too so are various forms of electronically influenced music like power pop or synth rock or certain forms of very bouncy house music; indie music is also cool because it, ironically, makes scene kids feel less conforming to society as whole;

Pacsun, Journeys, Hot Topic, just to name a few, are popular stores for scenester stuff; they watch Fuse (music TV station); MySpace profile is a must have where you'll find previously mentioned photographs; they like to also make videos of how scene kids enjoy their time;

there's also even a consistency in the way they type or speak (i.e. they purposely type phonetically sometimes, "rawr," or they'll call each other "n*gga" or "f*g"), just check their myspace comments if you don't know scene kids personally; you'll find them hovering around in a group at local rock shows screwing up mosh pits and what not; they consider themself "fashioncore" because they do tend to have to spend a great deal primping; experiment with sexuality; guitar hero, ddr, etc because scene kids enjoy interactive video games but other are good too like the Pokemon RPG gameboy and more.

There might be some variations with scene kids from the UK, but it's very scene to have scene internet friends from the UK, too. Scene kids may even vary in the States. Remember that scenesters are always on the move, picking out commonly observed details that shape other subcultures to add to their own.

how to spot a scene kid

is this you?

What are your thoughts on scene kids? btw, some scene chicks are totally hot
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I'd rather be a scene kid than someone on the internet that judges someone by how they act or look.


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the whole of UG likes pokemon. Are we all emo's?


now you tell me
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I'd rather be a scene kid than someone on the internet that judges someone by how they act or look.


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so if somebody was wearing a shirt that said "i hate jews" you can't judge him?