Hey there,

My musically style is fairly diverse and I'm looking for a decent pedal.
I like the sounds of both the Dime Crybaby and Ibanez Weeping Demon.

Any recommendations? Anyone have experience with them they could share with me? anything would be appreciated
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i barely play metal and i bought the Dime Crybaby because it sounds so full and vocal. the weeping demon is good, but in my opinion, it comes nowhere near the dime.
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From what i hear, the circuit in the dime wah is the same as the 535q...
but the weeping demon is versatile, but you have to tweak it which you cant really do live during song.
I have a weeping demon and I love it.

My friend lent me a Dime wah for awhile. It cut out all the time and barely worked. When it did work it sounded good, but it didn't work most of the time.

Then again, he had treated it like ****.

I'd go Weeping Demon.
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I heard Dime use the CFH Wah and it was amazing. I'd get it. BUT I've never heard the Weeping Demon =(
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