So, I know that the spider models are pretty much pieces of **** connected to speakers. but what about the higher end Line 6's?

The Vetta, Valve 212 and Flextone?

Are any of those 3 even worth considering?

I'm considering getting a new amp, and my budget depends on my car insurance and things, so it could be anywhere from 700-1300 maybe. But id really like to keep it under 1000

I'm looking for an amp, or a half stack possibly, that can do great metal tones.
The gain level im looking for is a good modern metal, more like As I Lay Dying, Trivium, or All That Remains. Admittedly, those arent exactly metal bands, but i do love that tone.
I also want something that can dial back and go for some nice 80s thrash, metallica, megadeth, and anthrax.

I want something that has a good mid-treble tone, that doesnt truly emphasize bass, but leaves it tight and definitely there. but doesnt murder my ears with squealy, disgusting high ends.

Anything out there, if not a line 6, that would fit that?
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High end line 6's are very good. But don't get the Spider Valve, biggest gimmick out there.
so i could c onsider getting a vetta? maybe nto the flextone cause i want a tube amp.

ive just heard about bugera amps too, so are those any good?
The Vetta is very good, if it's good enough for Meshuggah it's good enough for you.
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No, the vetta isn't tube, but it's probably one of the best modeling amps out there.
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why is the word vetta always in red?
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why is the word vetta always in red?

Get a vetta i tried one at my local shop. In 15 minute ( Dont forget i already have experience whit pods and its kinda the same interface) and its sounded like a chocolate cake. ( i hope u like chocolate cake)
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Actually, if you're into recording the Spider Valve should be good. I've tried them on multiple occasions, it's one of those amps where the tone on its own sounds sorta flat, but sits great in a mix.

But otherwise the Vetta's great.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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why is the word vetta always in red?

If you found this thread by searching for vetta, it'll automatically highlight the word...
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