Here's a rough version of my bands newest song off our second cd (our first one's not even released for a few weeks, hehe ). Tell me what you think and I'll return the favor. Just make sure you post a link, etc. I'm not going to go looking for something to crit of yours but if you post a link i'd be happy to check it out an throw in my two cents (ran into some trouble before haha).


yet again ill say you and BR00TAL are the best composers on UG well, to my tastes anyways. Every song youve posted on here ive heard and your band performs the songs ive heard perfect. when are you gettinyour album out because i really do want to get it.

discount pleez
This is fantastic, all the way though. As stated above, it does sound a bit like Born of Osirs, The Faceless and All Shall Perish. Absolutely brilliant breakdowns. I think you could do some more stuff with the riff around bar 3, the breakdownish riff; you should go a bit further with that I think. The part starting at bar 61 is pure win.
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killswitch engage has some dissonant riffs, they're kind grindcore tho