i found out today that i needed to lower my pregain from 6 to about 4 for bedroom level..this helped the hiss & overall bad tone of my 5150, but im wondering...4 isnt enough for the a day to remember or devil wears prada i play a lot, so if i get a tubescreamer will this help push my tone and tigthen it so i can get that good metal tone without having to crank the pregain and get all that unwanted noise?

and please dont say.."well, why would you need an OD pedal?!!..the 5150 has plenty of gain on its own and power amp distortion is better than pedals"

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Yes an OD pedal would definitely help get cranked tones out of this baby. It can also be used to add a bit of gain if you need it but that would kind of change the gain's voicing.