OK this is probably a completely stupid question but I am going to ask it any ways. I was playing an Orange Thunderverb at a store on Saturday and was absolutely blown away! Anyways I have a jcm800 4210 and I was wondering if there are any mods that I can do to make it sound more like the orange with out having to go and drop 2 grand. Especially since I just drop 1 grand on a new G&L Legacy this weekend!!

Also if there this is just out of the question what would be some good mods for me to do just to make my amp sound a little better because it sounds muddy compared to other 800s I have played. Or if there is a page that just lists some mods and their descriptions and instructions for them that would be great as well.
Do you have good/new tubes? That should make a difference.
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yes I actually just replaced the tubes a couple of weeks ago with tung sols. this helped some but not much.
if you have no prior experience of electronics then dont do this.
at best, you'll **** up your amp.
at worst, you'll **** up your amp and be dead too.


not trying to rain on your parade but i've built amps and even with handling a soldering iron in college every
day for 2 years and knowing what i was doing it was still tough going.
^not really....

at best youll f*** up the amp
at worst, youll blow the amp up and be dead....yeah, it can blow up....
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well then where should I start learning about these things? I have a basic understanding of electronics, I have taken a couple of electronic class in college (not upper level stuff though). at least give me some guidance here, dont just shut me down.
somthing very simple- building or modding pedals..then work ur way up to small tube amps (champ, epi Valve junior) and then larger stuff
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Whenever I clean my guitars, my family wonders why it smells so good; I say that I exude a fresh citrus scent from hidden orifices.
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I have modded a few pedals, I really enjoy it. I did my VS Jekyll and hyde, crybaby, mrx phase 90, and my Ibanez TS9DX.
i have a buddy that modded a selectable tone circuit into his older marshall... i dunno if any of the tones sound like an orange tho :\
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OK so this older guy at work that used to have an electronics repair shop told me how to discharge the capacitors correctly and he said he would help me out a little with doing some mods. Now i just need to know what to mod. Any suggestions?
I'd recommend building a simple pedal like a fuzz-face or something first, its real easy.
then later maybe build a fender champ or an 18watt.

if you REALLY want to dive in to the JCM 800 mods, then this site is great:


on the whole subject of making a marshall sound like orange:
i know that many Orange amps are based on marshall circuits but the tone of an amp comes from the entirety of the circuit/tubes/output transformer, not just one single componant. I'd wager you'll need to do extensive mods (bordering on a complete re-build) to get a completely Orange tone
Yeah thats really what I figured about the orange amps.
Thanks for the link. Can these mods be done to any JCM 800? Mine is a 4210 split channel with reverb. It shows the schematics for the 2203/2204, ar ethe amps close enough to each other that these mods can still be done on mine?
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