Hey. I just started to play guitar a couple months ago. And I'm just wondering what the quality of my guitar is. It's a Silvertone Rockit SRK1. I don't think it's too good,but I'm just wondering.
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The Rockit looks like a godawful attempt at copying the SG, in my opinion. Or maybe that's just the ones I've seen.

I don't own a Rockit, but I do own a Citation and - lemme tell ya - the tone is great through the provided amp, and the pickups are good, but hell... the guitar itself is made from fossilized shit. It's... like... chipboard or something? The strap buttons are very prone to stripping out, and the tremolo bar wobbles in it's hole. Silvertones are some of the worst built guitars in existence, in my opinion. But good for beginners.

But if you want true quality, you're better off building one on budget parts for the same price, or a little more. I'm replacing the body on my Citation with a proper Strat one, because it looks so bad as a Strat