The only thing that would keep me from buying them is the 15 hour battery life.

If you play 30 minutes a day, you'll be swapping out batteries once a month.
Well now that I think about it, I have pedals that burn batteries faster than that.
I have that exact one, the classic rock one, it works great for just messing around, but don't expect a whole lot of versatility in the sound. Other then that, it's really small, you barely notice it.

I have one, and definitely recommend it.
I have the Metal one and love it. No it's not going to replace a regular amp, but I use mine while sitting at the computer practicing with Guitar Pro.
my bro has the ac30 one of those, and while it doesnt reach the greatness of a real ac30 it sounds pretty damn good! seriously!

try it with a strat with active duncans, you'll be close to heaven!


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yep, i have an ac30 one as well. it's a lovely tone.

i use mine only when my old lady has gone to bed and i want to stay up playing a bit more.
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