Bow down Searched for this but came up with all sorts of crap so....
Original britpop band? Everything Oasis ever wanted to be? Tell you what, the stone roses and now these releasing nowhere near the amount of music they should've done Timeless Melody is a beaut
Always a bonus when you get a band from your hometown too....
I've liked these people since I was, like, four. My dad used to play that CD incessantly on our stereo, and years later I ended up swiping it from him. It's reeeeeeeally good.

Awwww no, don't go down to doldruuuuum.
There's only one girl in the world for you
and she probably lives in Tahiti.
Looking Glass is ace off that album too.
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The album is really, really good but its one of those albums that I don't play that often. I think the problem is that the name always makes you think 'You and me' and the rest is a bit forgotten despite its quality.
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I think the problem is that the name always makes you think 'You and me' and the rest is a bit forgotten despite its quality.
What? Son of a Gun is a complete classic as well, desperately need to get therealbum. Just popped it in my cd player at my auntie's and ever since I left i've not been able to stop listening to 'em on youtube, catchy motherspunkers. Anyone a fan of the bassist's (John Power.... ) band Cast?
Pure bump and yea thats true and probably people don't know who they are playing anyways...anyone got the BBC sessions? Read around and apparently its the best material they got on tape so
Bought the BBC Sessions disc the other day and ain't took it out my cd player. I love it how you can listen to a song on there which is on the BBC Sessions twice, the album once and got a single version (Song I'm talking about particularly if you haven't guessed is Way Out ) and there's uhhhh different 'flavours' on each of the tracks if ya know wat i mean. I think on this record as well they're more rootsy folk-blues side is more pronounced which is a perfect platform for Lee Mavers' voice.

Now for the deluxe edition of the self-titled, got the Mike Hedges' versions on and some other random mixes etc.
Proper shame how these could release barely any material though...
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Someone confirm what "There She Goes" is about.
Well unless you got Lee Mavers' phone number....
It is rumoured to be either about a girl (obviously) or heroin.
Hmmm, "Racing through my brain...pulsing through my veins" seem to suggest heroin use.
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^Could easily be either. I'd like to think its about a girl, makes the entire lyric seem twice as imaginitive.

As for The La's, they're good, even live, but I prefer Cast.

Power > Mavers IMO.