Me and my friend are trying to start a band but due to the lack of talented musicians and people interested in joining one, we are having trouble. We are not entirely sure what to define our genre as. We mostly play Bullet For My Valentine, Trivium and Avenged Sevenfold covers at the moment but we could go lighter (similar to You Me At Six or a more punkier band) or heavier (Metallica or like death or thrash metal style) depending on who we can recruit or what we will achieve most success with. I play lead guitar and my friend sings. Positions we need:

Rhythum guitar
Bass guitar
And possibly a third guitar to play harmonised riffs over the rhythum

We will consider anyone who has some talent and who can get to my town easily. So either add my myspace which is in my sig (i apologise for the guitaring on my page but i was bored and snapped my bottom string so just wanted to record some random drop D riffs for all the people on myspace to drool over XD) or reply here.