I've been writing songs for about 8 months and sure its fun writing catchy riffs, solos, songs etc. but the problem is I've always wanted someone to sing vocals on my songs. I don't sing well at all and my question is

Is there a place where I can find people offering to sing on my track for fun or for advertising purposes, like a site? Or does anyone know a way to find people to sing on my tracks? I'd greatly appreciate any help. Please don't ask me to sing myself thats sorta last resort because I'm not good AT ALL, and I don't know anyone else who sings very well either. Thanks tho
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You could ask here....

Oh, wait... you are!

I might do it. What I need is a copy of the song, the lyrics, and a rough version of you singing it so I know how it goes. (I'm not telepathic... haha) If I like the song, and I feel it might suit my voice, I'll do it. If I don't.... I'll offer constructive criticism.

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I'm probably not the best singer either but I could give it a try, depending on the song style I do fairly well.
I just dont do lyrics in my songs often due to me never getting any ideas for what to write...

You can also ask in the Lyrics section of the forms.
There's tonnes of people on UG who'll do it, I might be able to find the time some time next week but try some other people first and if you're really stuck i'll help you out.
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OK thanks guys! I;ll add all 3 of u and look around UG right now im still working on songs but I appreciate it this was what i was lookin for thanks!
i am axel rose