I mean come onnn... is there a guy out there getting paid for every new genre name he can come up with?

"d00dz: ska-hop-core... all the the trombones of ska played over a hip hop beat, and Oli Sykes on vocals!!!"

I digress, to the song!

Happy little number for my band, the bass part's actually played on a fretless but the midi for that doesn't sound too good... the lead bass part represents bass overdrive, kickin' it!

I've stuck the lyrics up on my devinantART if they take your interest.


As usual, you check out my work and I'll check out yours - leave a decent crit and I'll send a decent one your way an' all.

Be saaafe,

Lady of Peace Zip.zip
Quote by bloodshed344
Ever gonna crit mine (Garret)?

A thousand apologies, I'll get round to that tonight! ...I've checked out the prelude to Hammerman by the way, sweet stuff... I'll crit that an' all when I find the time.
...I might be too busy with my new six string fretless bass mind... OH YEAH BOI!
i listened to this, before, and i never left a crit, so i will now.

I personally dont like it, due to all the dissonant chords, thats just not my thing.

I like how you variated drums during riff 2 and 3, it wasnt that big of a difference, but it sounded good.

Riff 6, by a long shot, is my favorite.

Overall, since i am kinda biased since this isnt exactly my genre, i'll give it a 6.5 or a 7 /10.

Yes, poop.
I really like this, the first riff is fantastic. Then the little interlude thing was cool.

The mian riff is very similar to others you have done, but it is cool.

In fact all of the riffs are really cool. The entire song is great.

Only problem is that it doies not tend to go anywhere, which makes the short length mandatory.

Cool ending.

To be honest, you can do more with those riffs, alot more. Every riff is absolute gold, but the overall song lets it down. Seriously, just open the floodgates, and don't hold back, because the song has amazing potential, which is not realised here.


Great riffs though.
This is cool but it doesn't seem to go anywhere much. The riff is good and you do change it up a bit but mostly rhythmically and you do progress much. I really like measure 29 with the maj7th chords, has a neat, contrasting sound with the rest of the riff, and riff 5 was also really cool, a bit more variation. This has a lot of potential but right now it sounds like one giant interlude to another song, you should progress it more and make it more interesting. Great job so far though.

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