im getting a new guitar by the end of the summer, or whenever i can save up, so i decided to paint my ol' cherry epiphone sg. its probably not gonna be these exact colours but near there.

So my question is: how am i gonna get 6 equals strips for the swirl? i know 6 x 60 = 360 but how do i get that all swirly like? any help on this at all will help, ive never painted a guitar before. I'm thinking a stencil of some sort...

EDIT: fixed pic
swirl sg small.jpg
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Just freehand it. Or find a swirl picture on the net and enlarge it using a graph or projector or something.
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You could always take something like a posterboard and make a circle with the approximate size of your swirl and then just trace on the lines, shifting it around for each new segment.