my friend asked me to mess around with his band, which play mostly ska music. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to ska strum.
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Thrust down while muting, pull bakc up on strings with the chord held on the top four strings.
Syncopation, muting, upstrokes, fast, livley beats.

Mostly barre chords too.

That's basically it. Experiment. Have fun
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yea i love to play ska, its pretty easy although you must practice it in order to do it fast and clean.

basically form a bar chord (theres also other ska chords you can do as well) and do a downstroke but make sure your fretting hand is barely touching the strings so you get a muting sound, and then on the upstroke press down with your fretting hand in order to get the sound. and youll only be striking the top 3 or 4 strings..
its addicting.. hah
look up chucking
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