I have an unused nylon-stringed Classical guitar and i was thinking of installing steel acoustic strings on the guitar.. would there be any problems with this? like the neck not being able to hold the tension or intonation problems? thanks..
yeah im pretty sure it will warp, (could be wrong) the other thing ive seen is the classical bridge piece come off because it isnt made to handle tension and steel strings cause tension no surprise

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There is over 200lbs of string pressure from a set of steel strings pulling on the neck. That's why steel string guitars have truss rods to apply counter pressure to the strings.

If you really wanted to do it you would have to remove the back of the guitar and replace the light classical bacings on the sound board with wooden bracings designed for steel string guitars, the finger board would have to be removed and a slot routed into the neck so a truss rodd can be fitted, the fretboard [more likely a new one] then reglued and after all that, a thicker back would have to be made and glued onto the guitar and then the bridge and saddle would have to be replaced with one made for a steel string and probably your tuners too! Not a lot of point to it is there?
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