I cant start a band,simple as that.I know a drummer,but the only way id get him is cause his friend is my friend,which i dont like.I have 2 friends that play,but they are terrible, and dont want to commit.Bassist and Vocals are non-existant.

Im wondering if its my genre,blues rock.Its always appealed to me the best,and its what I learn to play.Not a Slash fanboy,or any fanboy,i think there all the same really.Im wondering if I try out for a metal band,if I can find one,or maybe try something else.Ive had a few people tell me blues rock is a limited genre,any thoughts on that?

Only bad thing is,Id have to relearn the style to fit the music,which I cant do.Im really desperate,are there any hints that you guys can give for starting a band? Im 14 years old and a guitarist.
I had the same problem at that exact age. Just hang in there and keep trying to jam with anyone you can. When I first started out I knew no one that played that I could play with. I eventually got some friends to start learning to play. Luckily a good friend of mine had a drumset he could use (it wasn't his). So we started out slowly. He wasn't as good as I was and it took a long time but eventually he started getting better. I also played with guys I met through other friends. You just have to keep playing and getting better and let people know that you can play. Hopefully you'll find some others to jam with. And also keep an open mind about what kind of music you play. I used to only want to play metal, but after playing for a while my band's style got more and more experiemental and moved away from strictly playing metal.
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Keep gettin better and eventually you'll meet the right people
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