So I've spent the last hour going through every thread i could find on delay pedals but i'm still not sure what one to get. I'm fairly certain about getting a Boss. But which one is better? The DD-3, DD-6 or DD-7? The prices i can get them at range from €110-€140 so which one is more more expensive isn't a problem.

I'm looking for a Tom Morello-esque delay effect. Not his tone but I do like the idea of experimental capabilities. I know he uses a DD-2. So which is the best option of these three? Also, would I be better off going with an analogue delay?
if you want a delay to experiment with, don't get an analog. i'd say go for a DD-6, but most people here would probably tell you to go with the DD-7. i just think you'll like the DD-6 a lot better in the long run. also, you should try not to just stick to one company, try out tons of different stuff and see what you like the most. the line6 dl-4, boss dd-20 and EHX SMM w/H are all great for experimenting with different types of delay.


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The DD-3 and the DD-6/7 are different in that the DD-3 has no tap tempo or "delay types" like the -6 and -7 have. Also, the DD-2 and DD-3 are the same circuit, just named differently because the DD-2 was the first digital delay and when Boss came up with a much cheaper way to build the same product, they decided to call it the DD-3 rather than make people wonder why DD-2s were suddenly so much cheaper.

If I were you, I'd hit eBay up and consider a DD-5 with an external tap tempo switch. Most people on eBay sell them together.
Why would you get a DD-7 when you could save up a small amount more and get a DD-20?

My thoughts are that you should get either a DD-3 or a DD-20 depending on how much features you need.. You'd have probably have been fine with a DD-3.
There was a difference of €15 between them. I made the right decision for me,.
The DD-20 was another €90
i was gona get a dd6 off ebay but then a dd20 came up second hand for same price. Get that much better, keep and eye out
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