Well basically Ive been trying to write a bassline to skat to but whenever I try a jazz walk it just sounds to much like a ska bassline. Any help would be appreciated
no what im saying is that when i play a walking line is sounds like a ska bass line but Im going for a jazz sound
Well the cleverer UGers will know the right word, but the difference between sounding ska-ish and jazzy is in the timing. (I'm thinking "syncopation" but that's probably totally wrong)
12 Bar blues? I haven't used it a whole lot, so I might be wrong to recommending it to you. That wasn't the skat that came to mind when I read it, the skat I though t about had a c in it.
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A jazz walking line is basically straight quarter notes. Ska and walking bass lines are very similar, just ska's lines are generally "simpler" in a way. Do you know the fundamentals of walking a bassline?
Ska also emphasizes the off beat as well.

Bales (JazzRockFeel) did a very good thread on walking bass lines and Sinan90 has done a few jazz theory and playing threads. (Check out Sinan's signature). Check them out--they will get you well into the basics and theory.

A good starter book on walking bass lines is Hal Leonard Building Walking Bass Lines by Ed Friedland. Another good one is Hal Leonard Ron Carter - Building Jazz Bass Lines Book.