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I was looking into lawsuit SGs and I found this:


A: How good is the build quality of a Burny?
B: Is this a good deal?

Thanks for your responses guys!

The MIJ Burnys are highly-regarded. Mine is from '81 though and it's a beast. I've seen the same model you posted go anywhere from $700 to $1200 (excellent condition) on eBay. They're the same price range as the MIJ Orville by Gibson and are on the top tier, price-wise, compared to the other MIJ copies such as Edwards, Tokai, Greco.

You need to play it to make sure there are no issues with the neck, frets, electronics, etc. Good Luck!

I've seen this posted so many times now, the first time he put it up he was asking like 1200 for it, then he went to 1000, then 900, now 750. I've been keeping an eye on that for some time, but if i were you, i'd probably give it a bit of time he'll probably lower it to like 650, or try and haggle him, i already have a tokai sg, so i wont be buying another sg for some time.
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