Can Anyone Help Me?? I Have a Guild D23m Accoustic. It was Left to me by my Grandfather. He had it a long time and i got it when he passed away..I'm, By NO MEANS, trying to sell it. I was just wondering what it's worth. I will Post a Pic as soon as i can..

ANY help is greatly appreciated....Thankx
Google came up with nothing at all on that guitar. Do you know what year it is from?
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What is the serial number, including any letters in the number? From that the year at least can be worked out.
It was made in 1974 [Numbers 9549 to 112803]. No corresponding model names are available between 70' and 79' and are imcomplete or even non-existent for various other early periods in Guild records.

The first 3 numbers 102 mean it was made on the 102nd day of the year in 1974. Who knows, among your Grandfathers stuff might be the original reciept or somthing [?]

It probably has a solid top at least. If it has white perfilling down the side of the neck it's probably one of their really good models and all solid wood, especialy if the back has a join or some wood down the middle of it [you don't need a join for plywood]. If its a solid wood it means your Grandpa had plenty of money back in 73' [about $400 to $500 new] and if everything is working OK and in good condition, it's worth money and worth keeping as it should sound great. Like today though, back in 73' 99% of people never bought expensive guitars but the solid tops then from the top brands were pretty good!

Good early 70's guitars are getting hard to find and will be only going up and up in price in the years ahead.
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Thanx A Lot Guys, I'll tell you this much,. The Guitar community is A Very Tight group Of Great People.. This Guitar Sounds BEAUTIFUL!!! I Rarely Play it though, I'm afraid of messing it up!!! It NEVER goes out of tune, and has a very warm, rich sound!! Here's some pics of it. Once again Thank You All Very Much!!!!
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If it sounds good, is good as that's what it's all about! Looks like a Mahogany or Cedar top.

I'd put some new D'addario .012 strings [or similar] on to really improve the sound.

Go here to find out how to re-string it properly if you need to:

http://www.frets.com/FretsPages/pagelist.html [and scroll down the page].

Replace them one at a time which makes it very easy and also keeps the neck tension right.
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