Well i got my first guitar about a month ago and between then and now i have broken 2 strings (Low E and High E) so i bought some new strings from a local music shop, and i believe they're .12's or something cuz on the top it says RPM-12 12 16 24 32 42 54 Medium. I dont reall kno what that means but i think it means i have .12mm's for strings on?

So my question is can i find out what size of strings that the old ones are?

And could my neck warp or something if their different?

And Also should i just change all my strings to these new ones?
It could do with 12's...

buy a set of 10's, and save both your guitar and your fingers a hell of a lot of strain.
Dont put that set on your guitar.

When you break more than one string, always put on a WHOLE new set. If its just a high e, a high e can be replaced just that string.

It might be worth having a guitar tech put the 10's on for you and giving the guitar a full set up.

If not, just grab a set of 10's and fit them (all).
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And Also should i just change all my strings to these new ones?

ofcourse you change all the strings!
do i still get it set up if i have an acoustic
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yes. and might i ask, how in the world did you break a low e string?

ive broken it before xD Accidently "pulling" it while strumming
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