okay so this girl that i used to go out with told my brother that she went out with the wrong brother. WTH should i do? Cause im mad as heck.
Accept that your brother is better than you? You seem very clingy and attached.

Relationship thread by the way, so *reported*

edit: Damn you, Steve The Plank, damn you.
you sound neeeeeedy... wack it for a while... the rape... both of them... or go get another girl... or drink coke while watching the olympics...
Meh, a girl I used to date is now starting to date my cousin.

I just asked him how the aftertaste was I left with her and told him that if she's cleaned out like the bat cave thats my fault too...

Anyways...back to coloring.
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I mean, some people still think that Rap is music, although that's been scientifically discredited.