A Canadian Industrial/Pop band lead by musician/producer Dave "rave" Ogilvie who worked with many other bands such as Skinny Puppy, NIN, Marilyn Manson and David Bowie.

Their first two albums "In Dreams" and "Born 4" had the quite cool Katie B on vocals and Trent Reznor (of NIN) did a lot of co-production for the album along with some songwriting and instrumentation. Katie B left the band in 2007 to pursue a solo career. But no worries cuz they're back again and Crystal Leigh has taken charge of the vocals for their new album which may come out sometime later this year.

So for anyone of you who'ld like to check em out,
Here's their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/jakalope
And a couple of cool videos:
Upside Down - http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=qtv-yo6l8xI
Pretty Life - http://ie.youtube.com/watch?v=X8J7vf32IR4

Think of them as an Industrial version of Paramore.
Though I prefer them a lot more to Paramore. And you really can't miss out on anything that Trent Reznor worked on!!
I saw Paramore live in Denver and honestly if they sound anything like them I will be staying away. Paramore is garbage. Teenage girl pop. In fact, there was a croud change from Dropkick Murphys - Paramore - Offspring. The croud was made up nearly in entirety of middle schoolers and they all left when Offspring came on. Shameful...

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Jakalope had like one hit (which was pretty good IMO) then just seemed to fade along with my interest for them.