Everything seriously spikes after 9 o' clock.
And before that there isn't much response.
It's all very treblely too.
The bass is not as tight as I want it.
It's loose and very high freq. for bass.
I pretty much use my RP50 for EQ.
None on my amp that's how bad it is.
But what I really wanna know is...

If I buy an EQ pedal and just use that for my EQ will I still cut through in the mix with a band?
well yea i agree with pak on the mid boosting part. that will help you cut through

and if you want to make your amp match your EQ preferences to the fullest, check out some EQs. Dan electro Fish n Chips is good if youre on a budget. an MXR 10-band EQ is really good if youre willing to pay a little more cash
What kind of amp do you have? My old amp (crappy solid state starter amp) was really trebly, and it was hard to dial in a setting that wasn't ear splitting.

My new amp (a tube amp) is much more pleasant.
I usually play with the Mids on 7 - 10.
So...I think I'll be good.

Another question...
Will the bass be tight enough with the MXR 10 Band?
New amp with a better EQ?
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