Simply said, I have fallen in love with fretless basses; and I was wondering what would be a reasonably priced upright for me to screw around on?
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$1000+ and that's for a POS that will break with screwing around after a few years.

Get a nice fretless Fender jazz. You'll have much more fun and won't break the bank.
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I can't be too helpful, as I'm putting my upright purchase off until I'm employed somewhere that actually leaves me with spending money. I will say to stay as far away as possible from silvercreek. Their "thinline" or whatever acoustic electric upright is advertised on pretty much every music retail site on the internet, I have tried it and it is an abomination to the word "bass." Granted I'm sure you'll be trying something that pricey before you buy it. $1k US really is the barrel bottom price, and that won't get you much better than the silvercreek I'm afraid.
ill be honest in that ive only played one upright in my days and it was a crappy 200 dean that sounded like a cheap fretless bass. But i have heard good things about the NS design WAV electric upright bass. I heard that it has a crappy stand that doesnt adjust very well.

I think that if you are into fretless basses, look for a fretless bass because an upright is a whole new ball game. It has different techniques, definately different sound and a different role.

What you need to do is find some seriously good musicians who play on an upright and listen and if you get a chance play one. And then decide if its right for you. Ive been going through buying that bass for awhile since like i said i hated the first upright i played but i love the sound.
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Reading this makes me feel lucky that I can just walk into my guitar teacher's house anytime of the day and just play on his $5,000 German-made upright any time I feel like it.

I was playin' it today too.