Post your favourite movie parts i didin't search bar this so if it's been done before ill delete this.

I just watched the new Harold and Kumar and my favourite movie part ever is now the part with Big Bob haha.

You boys ready for your cock meat sandwhich?
isn't it a little gay getting your dick sucked by two guys?
what do you mean getting your dick sucked is gay? i think it's you two who are gay. in fact... it creeps me out just bein' around you two.

(i definitely didni't get it exact haha, but i think i included all the hilariousness )
"brick, whered you get a hand grenade?"

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in shooter when he Shoots the guy who raped his girl from like 1 mile away
taking off his hand that was holding the gun

so the guy shrugs off the pain of the shot
and starts laughing maniacly

then he shoots off the rest of his arm it was epic

and when the girl takes the senators gun and shoots said Rapist like 5 times while he's on the ground in pain
that was Sick
but all it did was made it easier for the guy
i wouldve just kicked him in the face over and over Bullets are to fast