Guys, just bought it brand new from local guitar store, compared to my Vox Valvetronix AD50VT, it has a huge difference between these 2 amp. liked the tube sound it produced, from crystal clear clean fender blackface to even metal, its a perfect small tube practice amp.

Although you can get Super champ xd 15watter by adding just abit, however i dont do any gigging, so just this All tube 5Watt Class A amp will do. really recommend it.
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Yeah, I've got the super champ xd and thought it sounded much better than the vox ad series.

Glad you found an amp you like and suits your needs

one thing is about tube changing and tube biasing, though its still too early to ask but just wondering whats the procedure of doing it? do i need to do the biasing even if its just with 1 single power amp tube?

more than likely you don't have to worry about biasing. good to hear you got an amp you really like, i still believe the vox AD series has the most tweakable of any FX on any SS/modeler amp.
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You shouldn't need to worry about biasing. But if you do, it's kind of complicated if you don't know what you're doing. You have to take out the chassis and measure voltage with meter leads and a multimeter.
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You don't need to bias single ended amps, so no bias.

Glad you like it! I've tried the Super Champ XD and IMO it's a great amp! I find it better compared to Valvetronix. Actually I'd take one over a VJ or Blackheart for home use!
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^ yeah, you shouldn't have to bias the 5 watter. i liked the one i tried too, i thought it would be a gimmick, but was pleasantly surprised.
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niftiness, i was thinking about buying either this amp or its non-modeling brother (the champion 600) later this year, so this is very good news.
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thanks for all ur feebacks guys, really appreciate it, glad i dont have to worry about biasing, will change to better 6v6 tube once the stocks wears out.

guys, fyi i just uploaded a few Vibro Champ XD amp demo clips to youtube, as well as my Yamaha LL6 Acoustic guitar.

Please forgive my *****y playing in advance...


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hi, fyi i used just my crappy webcam to record directly with my acoustic guitar, not connected to anything else.

I'm planning on buying a Super Champ really soon. My local music shop just ordered 4 Super Champs and I'm counting the days until they arrive.
yupyup id say go ahead, actually 15watter super champ are more worth for the price as u can get 2 channel, one clean and one with modelling for just a tad more, however i worried if its too freaking loud for home used. but anyway its a great amp for the price.