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26 48%
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4 7%
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8 15%
Option D
4 7%
Option E
12 22%
Voters: 54.
You, your best friend and your dog that you've had since you were a kid, who is now 9 years old (human years), are all on a plane ride through a remote valley 20km away from the nearest town, which happens to be a tiny place with only 300-400 citizens.

You have a horrific crash in the most desolate part of the valley. Your friend dies on impact and you give him a proper burial. Somehow, your beloved dog has survived unhurt.

You know how to get back to the town (20km away). Unfortunately, you're absolutely sure that there's little to no chance of anyone seeing your crashed plane, because of where you crashed. After waiting 2 days on the off chance of actually getting seen, you begin to starve. Your only option - cannibalism. You dig up your best friend, only to find that he's already begun decomposing, and you won't eat him.

Now you have no choice. You begin to walk, and you regret not leaving earlier because this 20km is now going to feel like 70km. In your deteriorated state, physically and mentally, you feel like you're dying. 2 days later, you feel like you're about to perish. You dog, who had loyally stayed with you for the past 4 days has found carrion's to munch on, so he isn't as hungry. You estimate that you have another 5km to go, but you won't make it. You are sure though, that your companion; friend, will be able to push you on and give you energy should you eat him.

What do you do?

Option A - Just keep going. The closer you are to town the higher the chance of getting found. Though, you won't make it all the way. You play your cards and hope for rescue.

Option B - Stay put and conserve as much energy as possible. Try to find berries (though some might be poisonous, and you have no idea how to tell), and other edible plants.

Option C - Consume your dog. Even though he's been with you for as long as you can remember, he's 9 and going to die soon anyway.

Option D - I honestly don't know.

Option E - Other.
I chose E and I would've started making my way over there WAY before 2 days passed by.
id go on, but then again, as a vietnam vet told me, you never truly know what you´ll do until you actually have to.
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I honestly don't think that eating my dog would one of the ideas to pop into my mind. Maybe I'm just dumb tho.
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20km is like what? 13, 14 miles? if you cant make that in a day, day and a half, your not trying.

e, other. make the trip in one day. or i guess a and just keep going. 5km is a stones throw if your only 5 days w/o food and that close to safty
20KM?! I was the second fastest runner in 7th grade and i wore skintight clothes. I'll do fine lol
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Option E: Why the hell would I wait around before I start walking?
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Well you've waited 2 days before going so you're starving so I'm guessing a 20km walk wouldn't be the easiest thing. Whatever though... if you think it's easy, just fill in any number you want that'll put you in the same situation.
umm.. Who starves in 4 days?? It take like 20 for that
and can't you go 20 km in like 3 hours??
Why do you wait 2 days to go to the town?
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Option E. Search for food and anything that could help me survive on the crash site before heading over to town. 20km shouldn't take more than a day or two to travel on foot.
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TS, why the **** wasnt that a choice?...this is THE PIT

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Option E: Why the hell would I wait around before I start walking?

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F-go back in time to when I was not tired and walk those 20 km in 7 hours
Also, 4 days without eating won't do you that much harm, you have (hopefully) muscle and fat to burn energy from...

Although I do get the point of it, I would still walk, remember the Andes guys? Without food they walked like 5 days in a row in the mountains....
Option C, anything else is retarded..imo.
wham, bam, thank you ma'am!
the dog, a bit of water and protein, but you have to remember to eat the liver and other edible organs so you don't risk protein poisoning (although you'd need to eat nothing but protein for much more than that).

Also what climate am I in and what are my surroundings like. Rain forest? Desert? There are too many variables here.

Desert - you need the moisture from the dog. if you have a sheet of plastic you could also dig up your friend and use the heat to evaporate what moisture is left in him, have it condense on the plastic and drip into a collection device.

but if he's already decomposing while buried you're probably in a moist environment in which case there is probably plant life around and you and if you know your stuff you could eat fruits/roots/leaves....

i'll shut up now i have no clue what i'm talking about.

an unsaturated fattylolcid.
i would kill my friend, because if it starvation sets in i know i dont have to worry about him killing and eating me.

then i would feed the dog and myself his mutilated remains and make tools and weapons out of his bones

dont think its below me i would kill my grandmother if it came down to it
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