it wouldn't be worth the money just to do pinched harmonics, but the whammy bar is worth just for using
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ok. look up a floydd rose. those are the whammy bars of choice. whammy bars in general lower the pitch but a select few (such as a floydd) will raise the pitch as well if you pull up on it. now when you hit a pinch harmonic and just use the whammy whyle the note is ringing then you can change the pitch around and its really cool and fun. its usully much easyer to just use natural harmonix but there are a load of whammy bar techniques that are very quite cool like the dive bomb, flutter, howl, etc. you can find more fun in a single whammy bar i belive than an effect pedal.

the guitar dosent necessarily need ta be a schecter of ibanez. most companys on the market besides gibson and epiphone dont use whammy bars but it is possible to install one at your local shop but it does come with a heafty price plus the whammy bar.

things to look up.

floyd rose (just you tube for the best info)
kahler (similar to the floyd rose. diff manufactuer)
and any kind of electric guitar manufactuer. mostly hard rock guitars like esp, laguna, jackson, schecter, ibanez...
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