hey so im using audacity but the timing is sorta weird with the tracks. is there a way to get it to show beat lines so i can tell where i should line up my tracks?
yea u should be able to just go under the project thing at the top and click on align tracks and then either align them both to zero or just align them to each other
yh but aligning them doesnt always work as he may be playing off a cd or something in which case each track may start at a different time
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When ever u record sumtin on audacity there's usually a 2 to 3 hundreths of a sec delay on it, even if u think u played the riff or watever on the beat. It's a delay in the recording process to fix this u have just have to go back to just-recorded track, and if u kept count with a metronome, line up the beats apex to apex and keep playing it back until it sounds rite hope i helped