I have a Telestar folk guitar I got at a garage sale for 7 bucks. I replaced the broken tuning pegs and put on a set of strings. The strings are .12 gauge, which is probably a bit heavy. The strings are far away from the frets, which makes it a bit tricky to play. I don't think it has a truss rod though. I know it will never sound fantastic, but is there anything I can do to make it sound a little better? Also is a folk guitar any different from a regular acoustic besides the size?
7 bucks!!!
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Yep, 7 bucks from a cross eyed old man at a flea market who claimed to "not know how to tune the damn thing". (I think he just knew the tuning pegs were broke.) The price is kind of why I don't expect much from it, I'd just like it to be at least somewhat more pleasing to play, since I think the size makes it neat.
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The size and the tone.
Try a lighter gauge. It probably does have a truss rod, you just haven't looked for it. Give it a clean as well.
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I checked for a truss rod, it says the neck is steel reinforced, but there's no way to adjust it that I've found. Is there anything I can do for the action being so high?
You could sand the saddle with an emory board to lower your action, however - are you sure the neck is still set properly and isn't warped?

Have you checked where the neck meets the body (behind the sound hole) for a truss rod?
I have not checked where the neck meets the body. When I get home I will check for that. I'm thinking the strings are too heavy as well and may be putting extra stress on the neck. Maybe I'll take some pictures of it too so maybe someone can identify it and tell me a bit more about it.