I just put a set of brass bridge pins in with my last string change and it had a very dramatic effect. The tone is much brighter and clearer but new strings will do that a little bit all by itself. I broke my G string a week ago and waited on a bulk pack of stings I orderd before I replaced them so I haven't heard it in a week and can't really do the before after comparison. Is my mind playing tricks on me? Has anybody tried brass bridge pins with similar results?
I have tried a number of pins in my Martin.
Some brass pins were better, but some were so-so.
I had some ivory pins in and was pretty happy with those.

But placing titanium pins in it has made the most significant improvement.
The sustain was remarkably improved and the notes seem to be clearer.

I got them on-line at Tisonix.com. They aren't cheap, but they are worth it!

I saw them at NAMM. It seems that titanium transfer vibration better than any other metal. So more acoustic energy goes from the string into the soundboard.

I am putting them onto my 12 string next...