okay, im hopin i start a band with my friend, but the problem is we've only been playin for about 2 months. nd none of my other friends wanna buy a bass or drums, cuz they think it suks. i kno it sounds stupid, but hey! best to plan ahead of time, right?
whats your question?

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yo dude, me and my friend is going through the same problem. the only difference here is we have only been playing 1month, but we get some real nice little jams going. but to find some more members, (i recomend a 3-4 person band to start, as there will be less fighting =p) we held some auditions. lol it was very weird, but yet remarkable. you will be suprised with what u find. me and my friend were looking for a bassist and a singer, but we found a keyboard player, a fiddle player, and a sax player that we plan to use in our song "deaths remarks." but i agree plan ahead of time, but try not to go to far ahead. trust me, if a girl friend is like a band.......lol i wont even start. but good luck and i hope u guys get big.

p.s. the main thing is to have fun. my fav quot is from dee snyder from twisted sisters tour a few years back '.....ppl are gonna laugh at me if i leap in the air.....well if ppl laugh at ya kick em in the ****ing face..........u should do whatever the **** u want whenever the **** u want, and not let anyone drag u down.' lol its funny/weird but i hope this did a lil something...i took up alot of space
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