Well, I've recently cleaned out a huge barn that I'm turning into a venue. I plan on building a stage, getting a light setup, and putting together a PA system. I already have the lights and am currently working on the stage.. But I just need some tips on putting together the perfect PA for the place.

Compared to the average venue, it's probably considered a small to medium venue... up to around 400 - 500 people MAX. I'm looking for sound around 300 - 500 watts and a decent mixer. I'm not looking for top of the line stuff or top of the line sound. I just want something that'll sound good, average sound. The setup is for the average 4 - 5 person rock band. I need some major help on what to select... I know some stuff about PA's and Mixer's.. I'm looking to put something together that'll cost me less than 900 dollars. The acoustics in this place are great, and it's closed in pretty good. If you could give me all of the things that I'd need, speakers, cables, the mixer... and the ending price, that'd be great.

Any help appreciated, ask questions if needed!

Because it's an old barn that's VERY open and it sounds great in there.. there is a bar inside and we want to build a stage for bands to play. It's like one of those akward venues... Such as Mr. Smalls Theatre... a church turned into a concert venue and a place in nearby called 'The School'... which is an old school gymnasium turned into a venue. It's pretty cool, actually.
As much as I love Guitar Building & Customizing, it can be a bit slow - I can't really help you out, but you might try Gear and Accessories; I think this thread might be better suited there and you're likely to get more responses.

As far as things you might need, the list could get long:
  • mics
  • mixer
  • power amp
  • monitor amp
  • monitors
  • full range speakers
  • main eq
  • monitor eq
  • cables to run throughout
  • stands or brackets