I can play rhythm at about the level of master of puppets. What should I move on to next? I don't want to stretch myself, but I feel like I've hit a brick wall. Everything I try is either too easy, or too hard.

What should I try? Hopefully keeping to standard tuning.
the stuff that seems too hard is the next challenge to work on, sometimes it seems like things are too hard but thats because you have been getting more progress maybe lately, and you know it would slow down if you moved up in difficulty, as in theres a learning curve.

thats what i think anyways

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try some bands with odd timing,

or u can give afterlife by dream theater a go
this is handy to get some speed up in ur rhythm section

or try some iron maiden

master of puppets is very simple, so u saying uve hit a brick wall is trying to say u need to experiment a bit more
I gave master of puppets as an example of my skill level. Afterlife is ridiculously fast compared to what I can play. I suck, I know it. I'm looking for something to help me move forward.
ok, im just trying to retrace the steps i did,lol
try some iron maiden, like stated before, ghost of the navigator or something along the lines of that, u dont have to do the solos, but the melodies and such try to get urself around that
Well, you can try Iron Maiden. The solos they do are really not THAT hard. Listen to them, you'll notice that in a lot of the solos they are just doing trills =p. I'd give them a try, they have some cool riffs and the rythm for them is sometimes pretty hard, they like to gallop a lot.
Start playing some meshuggah, new millenium cyanide christ is a good choice, it's great for improving your rhythm.
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