now normally i would just laugh at this but a lor of people have been takling about it over at harmony central

i went into my local target store the other day, and in one of the electronics aisles i found a Fender Starcaster Chorus pedal, now i had seen starcaster guitars (acoustic and electric) and wasnt surprised for target trying to get into the action but then i saw the chorus....it was $40, in a heavy, dense enclore, and i began to wonder how it sounded
i was just gunna buy a boss chorus ensemble but then just out of pure curiosity i looked up reviews (in which people even compare it to boss) for the fender pedal and now i have come to a fork in the road...

do i spend the $40 on a risk that might be a dumb move and end up buying the boss anyway? OR do i just stay it safe and spend double the money of the fender ($90 i think) and get the boss?

I'd check craigslist or ebay, they sell for around $20 and I've heard the same - a decent pedal for what it costs.
i bought this pedal at best buy and i was thinking the same thing....i wanted to save up and get an electro harmonix small clone chorus but i took a chance and this pedal is actually kick ass!....now it is not as warm sounding as the small clone and its a little noisy (due to the fact that the one i got was either a return or a floor model) but when your playing you cant hear the little ammount of noise it makes when turned on......i would say just get it and if you dont like it you can return it....its worth a shot
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Get a Cool Cat chorus.

acdcrocks does it again.

The Cool Cat is really nice, especially since you can get them for $30 easily. I bought mine on impulse without even trying it, and it's one of the better blind buys I've made.
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