this may seem kind of a newb question but a while ago i purchased a peavey 4x12 cab thats supposed to be paired with the valveking 100 watt head and planned on getting the head another time....i recently purchased at a pawn shop the valveking half stack set up (head and cab) and now techniacally have a full stack...so i was wondering what the advantages to having a full stack vs having a half stack were(other than it looks bad ass)
i have heard it gives you more bass when you have a straight and a slant cab paired but oddly i have to slant cabs ......so does it still give me more bass?
I wouldn't run a full stack, but I'm thinking about running two half stacks together. That way I can get stereo delay, have a huge sound, and I'm the only guitarist in my new band so yeah.. I think it would be fun
im trying to figure out how to do sort of the same thing....either delay or panning effects....but im not sure how....i have a boss dd6 digital delay and i also have an old digitect rp3 pedal that i would use for panning effects any suggestions??