I found a couple guitars online that I'm looking into getting, but the deadline for deciding is kind of limited so any help is greatly appreciated. It's between either an Epiphone Les Paul Special II and an ESP LTD Viper-100, both set at $150 each. I went over the reviews on the site and the ESP Viper seems to have higher ratings, and I'm leaning more towards that one.

My budget is kind of tight, so I was wondering which guitar would be more "bang for the buck" at this point. I just jam with my friends in the garage, not do any shows or anything, and our style of music isn't anything in particular so the style or sound of the guitars aren't too important. Any opinions are greatly appreciated, thanks.
Personally, I would get the viper for two reasons.

1. Its a great metal guitar.
2. Kirk Windstein from crowbar plays one.

But yeah, I would do the viper
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Viper. My LP Special II sucks.

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