I wrote this a while ago, I'd like to know what you think about it. Any type of criticism would be very appreciated.

XI. Theoretic Iniquity

A shadow shines where the black stars converge
Skewed and tilted from where they seem to merge.
as darkness glimmers and immerses the light
to bring the coldness and despair of night.

Ever dimming are the angles of reflection
drawing near to their whole in perception.
in sedition from gravity's bind
bound together, eternally entwined.

Their heavenly bodies shift forth to collapse
in proximity to their spirits, perhaps.
coalescing at an infinite glance
one of many endowed life by mere chance.

Attaining glory through genetic perfection
flawlessly assembled section by section.
but a mere product of genetic refine
and not one of arrant forces divine.

Granted with remarkable reason
ever waning with theological treason.
alludes the intricacy of self and mind
first a product of cells which entwined.
I realized I was god when I prayed and saw that I was talking to myself.
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