My price range is up to $500-600 and I want an amp that has a great tone for Alternative, Rock, Classic Rock, Punk, Metal, Pop, Folk, Jazz, well basically anything :p
However I mainly want it to be loud enough for a gig.
Help please.
I have a crate combo amp which is loud enough for gigs (hits 110dbs) and has an output for PAs in case the place you're playing has a PA. It's not that expensive overall, I got mine on sale from musiciansfriend.com and it was only like $250 but normally i think it runs around 500. You can adjust the settings to almost anystyle so it'd prob be a good fit for you. A testament to that is that I play in a metal, alternative, and jazz band.
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I use a Hartke half stack cost about $500, and i just used it at a gig last week and it worked great. It has 250 wats and a 10 band eq so you can get all types of sounds so check it out. I dont feel like getting the links so type in Hartke at samash.com