i own a vox ad100vt, i was happy with it for a while but now im alittle upset that i bought it
it has good effects and the distortion is okay, but not chruchy/heavy enought for me,
and distortion pedals dont seem to work good with it,
When i tryed to play the blues with it it i couldnt get a good setting,
I spend hours trying to but i couldnt,

Can someone help me the distortion pedal part?
or a good pantera, thrash setting with it?
and would a dime pedal work with it?
please and thank you
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modeling amp + effects pedals= not goodness

hahahah i know, i want a new amp but i dont have any money,
well if you dont have money you are pretty much SOL in the whole "good sound" department because you will not find what you are looking for with that amp. as far as modeling amps go its pretty mcuh like this, once you figure out you dont like the way it sounds that just sticks in your head its like seeing a picture of goatse or tubgirl its just there nagging you in the back of your mind.

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