Welcome ladies, gentlemen, and seagulls to the title fight!

List your favorite Hi-gain British voiced amp and argue about it

My first picks are

Splawn Quickrod
Rockerverb 50 (maxed gain!)
Mesa Stilleto Ace (it has the 34s!)

Any other amps you guys can think of?
Marshall '68 1959slp

Bridge the channels, should have enough gain for anybody.
Quote by Highwaytohell
who could forget the Laney LH100
thats a big un...

What's a Laney LH?
A non-master volume JCM800 or a plexi on full volume should definately have enough gain!

I'd go for that, with an original cab to match - can't really beat it

Splawns are damn nice though... just a hot rodded marshall though really...
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Quote by Horlicks
What's a Laney LH?

sorry i meant the VH100r... i'm stupider...

You guys really think the JCM800s and the plexi's have enough gain? not for me ...

I've played a few 800s, and they have enough gain for like, Ratt...
original plexis i cannot vouch for...

IMHO those aren't really super high-gain amps...
Splawn for sure.
I do quite like the tone of the Laney GH100l though.
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Laney GH/VH see if you can find a Pro Tube on ebay. They're more 80s metal though.
Maybe a Marshall JVM?