I just finished up this piece. I found the inspiration for it from just up the boards a bit in the Pit. One of the threads there led me to writing this song, here it is:


What's our value? What's our worth?
What's our purpose on this Earth?
Recently, everything
has been going up in flames.
Let me ask you this, my friend,
do you ever want to see it end?

I've been digging deep down inside.
To leave nothing for me to hide.
I'm not asking for sympathy,
just find common ground with me.

Am I too young, or too naive
to face reality?
They say lasting love isn't real.
Is that the way you want me to feel?
Well, I'm not looking for rules to follow,
anything else is just too hollow.


Is it too much to ask, too much to need
to see ourselves be freed?
It doesn't matter, 'cause either way,
I'll be stuck here, living in vain.

What's my value? What's my worth?
What's my purpose on this Earth?
Recently, everything's
been falling apart at the seams.
Let me tell you this, my friend,
I'd be happy to see it all end.


Tell me what you think. c4c.
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you had a pretty decent flow through the song, however i didnt like this line. Let me ask you this, my friend, do you ever want to see it end? it just seems out of place to me, it could just be me i dunno

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