Well i plan on getting some new strings for my locking tremolo guitar when I break a string.
I used the search bar and didn't find any thread for Dr strings
So any one know if these would be a good set
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I use DRs on my bass and have no complaints and my friend uses the red coated DRs on his guitar and likes them
Starting bass or just looking for a new one? Here's a suggestion: Go to your local music store and try some out.
What gauge is on there currently - bear in mind that you'll have to adjust the bridge if you change string gauge. If you don't know whatthey are then they're most likely 9's, not 10's.
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DR strings are really good, I've never broken one and I usually beat the hell out of my strings. However, I'd stay away from the black beauties or any of their colored strings. I tried that exact set of strings and they got dull really fast, plus the black coating wore off in spots in like a week which made it difficult to play b/c it was rougher in those spots. I use the hi-beam 12s now, I'd just stick to the good ol normal looking strings if I were you.
ive never tried the black beauties, but i swear by DR tite fits. they are cheap, last fairly long and sound good. im sure there are strings that sound better, but im also sure id pay a good ammount more.
I used Tight Fits for over a year, but after playing them I realized I was getting rust fast. Now I'm using Elixir AR Polys and I couldn't be happier. They're almost twice as much, and they feel different at first, but overall they're great strings that'll last about 3-5 times longer then any other strings I've used.
well I should get black beauties for my acoustic first to see how its feels then if they suck I 'll just get the none colored for my electric
Oh and I'll have my guitar professional set up.
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You know you're fucked up when the pit thinks you're a sick bastard.
DR's are good, im using DR tite fits at the moment, seem to last a while, not as bright or 'sparkly' as ernie balls say, but i dunno, they seems to give a more powerfull attack than EB. Recommended