I know there are thousands of guitar cleaning threads out there, but I have some specific cleaning questions I'm curious about.

I HATE cleaning in between the bridge and the pick ups. If I leave my guitar out of it's case and on a stand for more then a couple days, the pick ups, under the pick ups, and under the bridge get covered with dust. It's so hard to fit a rag through there because of the strings (i use microfiber towel, and it is so thick it's impossible to squeeze between the pick ups and bridge) I also noticed squeezing under the pick ups is prone to putting light scratches in the finish. (mine being nitrocellulose it's even more easy to scratch)

The only way to remove all this pain in my eyes is to remove the strings

how many people remove the strings when cleaning the fretboard?
how many people remove the strings when cleaning in between the pickups and bridge?
how often do you polish your guitar? is it possible to polish it too much?

I'm mostly wondering because I was talking about fretboard cleaning with my guitar teacher, and he looked at me as if I was insane when I told him I took the strings off to wipe the board down with some wipes. He asked me in this "why the hell would you do that" voice....why didn't you just loosen the strings and push them out of the way?" (hes an old fart been playing forever so I usually take what he says seriously, but this seemed weird to me)

I'm wondering...is there a reason why you should NOT take the strings off when cleaning your guitar. Can it warp the neck from the release of tension or something?
Toilet paper.

oh! Guitars. Q-tips?

Also, it's easier to just not take off the strings..
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I know of you're problem brother. But hey, i just live with a little dust untill i feel like letting those stings sag a bit.
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you have to get real deep in there

i mean, i just loosen the strings a little bit, makes things a lot easier, while i use some soft fabric, like a t-shirt