That looks like a good bass, I've heard good things about ESP's. Imo it'd be a good first bass, and it'd probably keep you going for a while.
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Bass looks solid...amp does not

that's amp is not really 90 watts, by the way. It's more like 45-55.
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IMO id get the epi firebird bass for the same price

thats a massive step down. get a better amp, behringer are notoriously bad, and bass wise, try to get an upper tier squier or a standard fender, i havent any experince with ESP so
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Quote by vannaXcurses
IMO id get the epi firebird bass for the same price

If you don't mind neck dive and a bad tone, sure you could do that.

If you can try the LTD before you buy it, it would be a good idea to do so, if you can't try before you buy a Squier VM is always a safe bet.
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the esp's are great as long as you don't get the one's with 2-digit numbers (like the viper-50), then they suck...oh and change the amp.
LTDs are deadly and look into acoustic brand amps
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